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Downloads for Program Directors

Here's all of the information you should need and then some! OK, well maybe it's just most of the information you'll need. Drop us a note on feedback if you have more questions.

Recent Show Samples

Here are a couple of recent shows that you can listen to. These are fairly high quality mp3's, so they may take a while to download -- but I think it's worth it!

These samples each contain four contatenated segments with no commercials or breaks.

File Description Date Uploaded
Show 333 - Hour 3 mp3  ·  mp3/32MB Show 333 - Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Design Systems and Review and Comment 8/28/2005
Show 333 - Hour 2 mp3  ·  mp3/32MB Show 333 - Vintage Racing, Automotive Design S/W, IBM High Performance Computers 8/28/2005
Show 333 - Hour 1 mp3  ·  mp3/27MB Show 333 - Review and Comment on the News 8/28/2005
Show 332 - Hour 3 mp3  ·  mp3/30MB Show 332 - TI, Yahoo, CNet, Computer Associates, etc. 8/28/2005
Show 332 - Hour 2 mp3  ·  mp3/31MB Show 332 - Back to School - Purdue University, Dell, etc. 8/28/2005
Show 332 - Hour 1 mp3  ·  mp3/31MB Show 332 - Review and Comment 8/28/2005

One Minute Features

These features can be aired by any station at no charge, as long as they've registered with us and let us know... Here's a sample.

File Description Date Uploaded
Paypal Feature  ·  mp3/939kB Craig Interviews Amada Pires from PayPal About Buying Online 8/28/2005


File Description Date Uploaded
Tech Talk Market Share - Boston  ·  pdf/11kB We Own the Boston Market! See the hard facts... 8/28/2005
Show PR Information  ·  pdf/33kB Questions asked by PR firms about Craig and the Show 8/28/2005
Tech Talk Demographics  ·  pdf/11kB Actual Listener Breakdown by Age and Sex 8/28/2005
Partial List of Guests  ·  pdf/118kB Partial List of Some of our Guests 8/28/2005
Tech Talk Show Production Information  ·  pdf/602kB Show Production Information Including Clock and Contact Info 8/28/2005
Show Clock  ·  pdf/11kB Just the Show Clock - No Other Info 8/28/2005
Advertising Rate Card  ·  pdf/54kB Rates for Spots, including Live Reads and Spot Production 8/28/2005

Program Director Feedback

Let us know what you think, or what you need! We'll get right on it (when we read our email :-) Thanks!

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